Animal Hospitals, Veterinarians, & Pet Care
Collinsville, Oklahoma

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Animal Shelter

Ward Wiseman Animal Haven
No Kill Animal Shelter

15628 N 129th East Ave
Collinsville, OK 74012

Grooming Services, Pet Care, and Feed

Clark's Feed Store
9th and Main
Collinsville, OK
(918) 371-3394

The Feed Store
on old Hwy 169 between 136th & 146th Street North
Collinsville, OK

Dixie's Animal Training
(918) 371-6959

J&R Farm & Home
203 E Main
Collinsville, OK
(918) 371-9359

Jo-Joe's Everything Animals
11533 N Garnett
Collinsville, OK
(918) 371-3365

Veterinarians & Animal Hospitals

Alexander Veterinary Services
Mobile Equine & Food Animal Practice
Denistry & Ultrasound
Portable Equine Stocks
Mike Alexander, DVM
(918) 557-0499 or 371-0369

Collinsville Veterinary Hospital
2425 W Broadway
Collinsville, OK
(918) 371-2705

Eastside Veterinary Hospital
(Also Grooming Services)
24 Hour Emergency Service
Hwy 169 & 146th Street North
Collinsville, OK
(918) 371-2439

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